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Equine Performance Coaching 

 Equine High Performance Coaching

Precision Pointe Equine Performance Coaching provides specialized guidance to enhance the internal and external performance of both the rider and the horse. Focusing on training techniques, physical conditioning, and mental preparedness, fostering a strong partnership between the BODY, MIND and SELFof rider and the equine athlete. This helps optimize performance, prevent injuries, and ensure the overall well-being of both horse and rider in competitive and recreational settings.

Coaching Programs Work with Katie 

     Precision Pointe  1-3 day clinics cater to the dynamic needs from  beginner to high-performance equestrians, providing a comprehensive platform for refining the artistry of  horsemanship.  Clinics blend intensive training sessions with personalized rider and horse biomechanics instruction. Equipping horses and riders with the specialized performance breath and emotional management techniques, including strategies necessary to excel in any discipline. From refining jumping techniques to enhancing dressage precision, to confident train riding. Each clinic offers a focused  approach to equestrian mental and physical development. A supportive environment encourages participants to feel empowered and elevate their performance and refine the artistry of the horse and human relationship.  

  • In the 6-week coaching program, the focus will be on establishing foundational skills and habits. Participants can expect personalized assessments, goal-setting sessions, and initial progress evaluations.

  • Moving to the 8-week mark, the program intensifies with targeted skill development, customized protocols, and ongoing feedback. This phase aims to refine techniques and build momentum.

  • As we reach the 12-week mark, the coaching program evolves into a comprehensive approach, combining advanced training, continuous support, and strategies for long-term success. Participants will have honed their skills, achieved significant milestones, and developed sustainable habits to carry forward beyond the program.

  • Leave room for the magic 

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